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To help facilitate the use of this Guide - we offer the content of this site in pdf format for easy sharing, printing or use.  Feel free to download and print any or all parts of these materials.  The appendix materials may be downloaded separately as needed. 


We hope that this Guide will help you to create your own garden, teach others how to grow food, let children of all ages be part of the growing process and to provide nutritious fruits & vegetables to people in need. 


Our experience has been incredibly fulfilling and our garden has become a part of the fabric of our community - with 200 volunteers working with us annually.  We hope our Guide will help you achieve much and help many! 


Thank you! 


The Board of Directors of the Pleasantville Community Garden

Abi Wright - Chairman of the Board of Directors

Katie Moses - Student Representative

Katie Beatley Stargiotti 

Beth Devito

Reverend Mary Gregorius

Kevin Lange

Helen Meurer

Sarah Hoadley

Ashly Juskus

Andrea Parada

Devin Juros - Ex Officio

David Juros - Ex Officio

Margot Juros - Ex Officio

Thank You & PDF Download

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