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Benefits of Gardens

[1.1] Health benefits of gardening:
[1.2] Environmental, health, and social benefits of gardens: gardens/
[1.3] Benefits of gardening for people with disabilities: disabilities/


[2.1] Paid grant search engine:
[2.2] Government grant search engine:
[2.3] Friends and Family Donation Letter
[2.4] Consistent Donor Letter
[2.5] Coffee Event Presentation
[2.6] Donation Form
[2.7] Crowdfunding - Kickstarter:
[2.8] Crowdfunding – Indiegogo:
[2.9] Crowdfunding – Fundly:
[2.10] Legal regulations for selling produce:

Building a Garden

[3.1] Soil testing:
[3.2] Garden Site Selection and Size
[3.3] Final Garden Layout
[3.4] Guide to Building Permits and Forms for Westchester County
[3.5] Presentation for Land Use (Seeking landowner approval from vestry of church) [3.6] Memo of Understanding with Landowner

[3.7] Neighbor Meeting Invite
[3.8] Landscaping fabric:
[3.9] Selecting an irrigation system: [3.10] General raised bed building ideas:
[3.11] Specific raised bed building instructions:
[3.12] Guide on Raised Beds, Soil Health, and Container Gardening
[3.13] Growing Vegetables in Containers


[4.1] Specific soil maintenance tips: [4.2] Organic soil supplement – Green Sand:
[4.3] Organic soil supplement – Kelp Mix:
[4.4] Organic soil supplement – Lobster Compost:

[4.5] Choosing cover crops: [4.6] PCG Planting Chart
[4.7] Vegetable planting schedules by zone:
[4.8] Suggested Vegetable Varieties to Grow in Westchester

[4.9] Fall Growing Guide for Westchester
[4.10] Starting plants indoors: [4.11] Simple Seed Starting Pamphlet
[4.12] Guide for Planting Cycles and Native Plants
[4.13] Vegetable Planting Calendar for Westchester
[4.14] Seeds buying: Johnny’s Selected Seeds:
[4.15] Guide for Supporting Pollination
[4.16] PCG Garden Operations Calendar
[4.17] Chart of Optimal Storage for Fruits and Vegetables
[4.18] Growing Guide


[5.1] Policy Against Sexual Harassment (made by a lawyer volunteer)
[5.2] Farmers Market Donation Manager Responsibilities
[5.3] Transportation Waiver
[5.4] List of Westchester food pantries:

[5.5] Simple Recipe Cards

[5.6] Yoga at the Garden Email Communication

[5.7] Hunger Video

Organization Setup

[6.1] Responsibilities of Board Members [6.1] Board Meeting Update
[6.2] Responsibilities of the Chairman

Marketing and Communications

[7.1] Supporter and Volunteer Signup Sheet [7.2] Event Cheat Sheet
[7.3] Event Handout
[7.4] Event Handout Slip

[7.5] Social Media Flyer

[7.6] Food Forum 2017 held by Bedford 2020: [7.7] Garden-Related Movie Showing Flyer
[7.8] Promotional item purveyor: 4imprint:
[7.9] Promotional item purveyor: Vistaprint:

[7.10] Marketing and Communications Budget
[7.11] Veggie tattoos the PCG buys:
[7.12] Volunteer Request for Event Email
[7.13] Successful Event Email
[7.14] Volunteer Opportunities Email
[7.15] 2019 PCG Overview Email
[7.16] Email Communication Calendar
[7.17] Garlic Growing Pamphlet
[7.18] Email organizer: Constant Contact:
[7.19] Free email organizer: Mailchimp:
[7.20] Volunteer organizer: SignUpGenius:
[7.21] PCG Facebook page:
[7.22] PCG Instagram page:
[7.23] PCG Twitter page:
[7.24] PCG website:
[7.25] Website builder: Weebly:
[7.26] Website builder: Wix:
[7.27] Press Release
[7.28] The Pleasantville Commuter podcast about PCG: 43075431/episode/09-how-a-good-idea-43923223/
[7.29] Organic Gardener Podcast about PCG: gardens-devin-juros-west-chester-ny/

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